Learn about Donough Pharmacy

Since 1921, Donough Pharmacy has provided our service to the community.  Health and well-being of customers, that is the main reason for being in this business.  We're here to promote better health and to educate. Expect personal attention and consistency.

National chain drug stores offer virtually everything from soup to nuts, Donough Pharmacy is more of an apothecary, offering only drugs and health care needs, and a strong competitive edge in service. 

Good Neighbor Pharmacy

At every Good Neighbor Pharmacy, you’ll find a competent and caring local pharmacist who is trained to answer your health-related questions. Your Good Neighbor Pharmacist is ready to help you with any questions you may have about the prescriptions you are taking and can guide you through the maze of information about staying healthy.

Each Good Neighbor Pharmacy is independently owned and operated, which makes us different than the big chain stores. Your Good Neighbor Pharmacist is a knowledgeable resource who lives and works in your own neighborhood, and who is committed to helping make your community a better place to live.

Every member of the Good Neighbor Pharmacy network offers you competitive prices on prescriptions and other items while backed by the resources to provide the latest information and counseling on the healthcare products you are taking. Good Neighbor Pharmacy has more than 2,700 locations nationwide.

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